Reflecting on 2015

Starting off 2016 by sharing a bit of our most memorable travel moments from 2015!



New Year on top of the world

We begin the year by watching the sunrise at the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro (OK, it wasn't we but Corey only). 

Peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro - What an Accomplishment!

Now you can't be in Africa and not do a Safari. You really do get to be up close and personal with these creatures in their wild habitat. HINT - don't let the baboon monkey near your car, they WILL steal your lunch. 


Chicago St. Patricks Day

St Patty's Day needs to be celebrated in style, Green, Green Everything!

Photocred to Nate's GoPro

St Patricks Day in Boston


MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

We're all about experiences here, we grew up watching these award shows, the performances, the red carpet.. how cool is it to be right there and pretend you're a hot shot for a night!? No we're not millionaires or some kind of famous people (sorry Kardashians) but apparently Delta miles members can bid their  frequent flyer points on events like this, so keep an eye out if you're into those kind of things. Cheers!

Side note - Corey did bid on the movie "Joy" VIP Red Carpet premier (in NY) with after party but we didn't win the bid. Next time!  

Movie Awards "Red Carpet"

Movie Awards "Red Carpet"

Cruisin' in the Bahamas

Sometimes you just NEED to get away to someplace warm and what better way than on a Caribbean cruise. Out of Miami we embarked on a 3 night adventure through the Bahamas. 

Norwegian Cruise lines private island - Great Stirrup Cay

Sadly our stingray tour was cancelled because of wavy conditions.. so we spent a relaxing day on this little island.

New York City 

So NYC happened 3 times this year for us; one for me and my girls, one for Corey and his boys and one unexpected 20 hr layover while traveling to Ghana together. I don't think you can have enough of New York. 


Vegas - Fourth Annual Pool Party

Every year around May 15th weekend a group of Awesome (that's a prereq) friends gather at one of the many Vegas pools, with a lazy river of course. Usually the party gathers at the MGM Grand pool but this year due to a festival at MGM, we hosted the party at Monte Carlo's pool. 

The 2015 CREW

Billboard Music Awards VIP After Party 


Lincoln Park Zoo - "Brew to be Wild"

Not your usual meeting hall with beer vendors handing out tasty sips.. this one was outside and IN the Zoo! Don't miss this event and get there early as the lines get wildly long. 

Cheers to the King!



A one week road trip through the America's "Last Frontier". You might think being in a car for 8 hours at a time could be boring but not when you're on moose watch! We had to keep our eyes peeled for all kinds of wild animals; bears, goats, moose, and eagles. So many incredible sights that I surely can't sum it up in a short post (more to come).

Denali National Park - 

3 hours into this par and there's so much more unexplored!

Worthington Glacier, just outside of Valdez

3 hour hike up to this immaculate ice field, you can see the dark ridges where the glacier is starting to form.


Lollapalooza in Chicago


Silver Lake Sand Dunes, MI

Chicago, IL

There's always something about a sunset that asks you to chase it. This was had some breathtaking sunsets over the city. This photo taken in Ping Tom Park near Chinatown. 

Munich, Germany

There was something comforting about German food, the pork knuckle, gravy, pretzels, sausage... mmmhmmm! Oh and the free looking pretzels on the table aren't free.

There is a church that you can pay 2Euros and climb up tot he top for this awesome 360 view of Munich. Corey made an appearance and stayed away from the edges (heights!) but I couldnt get enough of this perspective. 


Man what a celebration! So happy to see all of our friends from Germany and the states gather in one place for a few liters of German beer!

Vienna, Austria

Vienna really surprised us with it's incredible history and architecture. Everywhere we roamed was a beautifully built church, museum, or palace. This city is a must return!

No shortage of Vienna Sausage... a street food must! 

Budapest, Hungary

Hike to the highest peak of Budapest 

Authentic Hungarian Bathhouse


Key West, Fantasy Fest

So this is Corey's "Best People Watching on Earth"festival.. I haven't got excited enough to join but I can confidently say people really let loose. Photos aren't share friendly so here's Corey with Ron Jeremy from last year.



Ghana, Africa

My first, Corey's 6th Volunteer project with Globe Aware. We spent one week over Thanksgiving working various projects in a rural community; painting in/outside of schools, drawing murals, amusing kids, planting vegetables, and learning about this beautiful country. 


Inside one of the schools where we painted and spent our days with the kids

Wli Waterfalls & Mona Monkeys, Ghana

It wasn't all work, we did get a chance to take in a bit of Ghana's lush nature and wildlife.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Don't let a 7 hour layover in Amsterdam keep you at the airport! The city is only a 15 minute train ride away and worth a walk through

Dallas, TX

Girls (squad) trip to Dallas - BBQ Texas style!


Siesta Key, FL

To finish off the year, we make it south for some warmth, ocean, manitees, dog races, & $.50 hot dogs.


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What's Happening in 2016 you ask??

  • January - Portland
  • May - 5th Annual Vegas Pool Party
  • June - Iceland
  • July - Italy (Corey)
  • August - sister's wedding in Michigan
  • September - Vietnam
  • November - Volunteer Trip to Peru (Polina)