Mekong River Delta Day Trip (A Visual Cruise)

Mekong River Delta is a 15,000 square lush area where the Mekong River empties into the South China Sea. You can take  a day trip from Ho Chi Minh City, apx 2 hours drive, or multi day trip. We recommend the one day trip as you get a deep dive into the surroundings and culture. 

Watch the Tour Video here:

We took the one day trip with HandSpan Travel. They picked us up in a private van, our tour guide Jack was FANTASTIC, his english was superb, which made the biggest difference. Very professional company - highly recommend! 

What's usually included in the Day Tours:

  • Visit to the Market
  • Home visit for early afternoon tea
  • Fishing in the river (too early in the day to catch apparently)
  • Ride down the river 
  • Rice field stop (if you've been to one rice field you've seen them all)
  • Biking along the river and seeing local life
  • Lunch served by local family

This vietnamese fruit is called rambutant, the outside is quite soft and when you tear it open, the fruit is has a light sweetness and sourness. Good for a post meal cleanse or refresher.

Squid laying out to dry.

now we got all these guts, what do we do with them?

As part of the tour, the guests get to experience a home cooked meal with a local family. We were actually involved in helping make these light snacks perfectly paired with tea.

Tour ensues on a boat ride through one of the lush river paths. 

Photo Cred - Corey 

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One of our guides picked a leaf and continued to make small toys and jewels, he made a ring, bracelet, and this wind toy. Don't mind my cheesy smile but Corey's. 

And now for a filling lunch! Beef & Cabbage soup, rice, omelette, steamed veggies, and our favorite - grilled pork wrapped onions. This was so much food, and we could not finish it! 

What would we do different?

We were slightly disappointed that we didn't see the floating market; our fault in not reading about the tour thoroughly. So if that's on your to-do list, make sure you book a tour with a floating market. 

The Delta is enormous, each tour company takes you to a different area of the Delta and has varying agendas. Again, read carefully and make sure you choose the one that's right for you. 

If you enjoy the simplicity of life - this tour is for you! 

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