Visiting Ghana; Stories Behind the Photos.

November 2015, us, the WanderingClass (Corey & Polina) spent our Thanksgiving week Volunteering in Ghana. Don't forget to read our blog Five Reasons Why You Should Volunteer for Your Next Vacation to get an idea of why we, and why you should too volunteer abroad. We took so many amazing photos that I couldn't share in one single post so wanted to dedicate a separate blog post to these beautiful stories. 

Hope you take a moment to scroll through, enjoy the stories, and hopefully share with your world.. the Glory of Ghana! 

We start in the classroom... a young girl learning her numbers on the floor of the class. I just can't get enough texture and character in the room. Chairs stacked in the far right corner, the man (not even the teacher) sitting up front, the fingerprinted wall under the chalkboard, the bike, the girl with her shoes off, the single chair up front.. so many words. 

Photo taken with iphone

Photo taken with iphone

We spent two full days with one classroom and got to watch the days go by. This young girl was washing lunch dishes with a full smile while the two boys in the background helped move tables while we painted the school. Working and helping out is part of their life, not a chore! 

Oh man.. LOOK CLOSER.. He's balancing a chainsaw on his head. He was actually riding his bike WITH the chainsaw on his head... as we pulled out our cameras he almost lost his balance and there was a slight terror in the air! SIGH! 

A tightly squeezed desk, paying close attention to the teacher. The desk serves as a chalkboard where the kids practice writing their numbers. 

<<Baby wrapped around her body, the teacher points with her stick at the kids 1,2,3's...

In Ghana all women carry their kids wrapped up in a sarong on their backs. It came as such as surprise the first time; all I saw were two small feet sticking out from the sides of a woman. I figured it out quick! 

An empty classroom, three chairs to one desk, piles of chairs in the corner... an airplane that looks like a Hot Dog?

They loved seeing their faces in the preview, that was the funniest thing to them. Especially when one was caught making a funny face! 

Protectors of the school yard. 

Thought I'd share our living quarters in the community. It was quite a nice accommodation!

This has to be one of my favorites. A student at the front of the classroom distracted by the American visitors. 

Quietest most curious little girl wouldn't leave our side.

I wish this photo would have turned out a bit sharper but the little pair is holding hands walking through the football field (soccer). 

Her gaze could take you anywhere

Her gaze could take you anywhere

This may be what we call a photo bomb, but I must say they don't steal the show, rather her peaceful smiling face speaks so many more words. 

Always ready to pose!

I really enjoy the contrast of the green tree, yellow house, bright blue window shutters, and the lined up family of goats really adds life! 

We all played kitchen right? 

As the older children stand around socializing with our group, these two continue with very focused preparation of a meal, almost upset that they are now surrounded.

 I can't get away from the young girls gaze.. but there is also so much more going on; the girl on the left prepping an old water bag, the bare feet in the background... what else?

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