Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, MI

We're seeing so many breweries and distilleries popping up all over small and large towns that it can be difficult to keep up. We've found a great one for you in Holland, Michigan that you must visit - Coppercraft Distillery. 

Coppercraft Distillery - 184 120th Ave Holland, MI

Once you're inside, you realize that you're sitting IN the distillery! The walls are stacked with barrels up to the ceiling aging spirits for our consumption. We sat at the long table pictured here and felt as if we were part of the spirit process. 

spirits flight 

spirits flight 

Menu includes various tasting flights, just remember, you're tasting liquor, it's not like getting a beer flight so be ready for some serious strength.

I would say next time I would opt for a specialty cocktail rather than a flight but if you're a connoisseur of spirits, be our guest!

Atmosphere - No loud overwhelming music so it's a great place to be with friends and actually be able to talk to each other. Outdoor space looks amazing for those summer months!

Check out their schedule because they do have live music on some nights. 

menu of house made spirits

menu of house made spirits

Drinks - each cocktail is uniquely made to bring out the best of each spirit. They change throughout the seasons so come back often!

Even if you're not indulging in alcohol, maybe designated driver, they make extremely awesome concoctions with balsamic vinegar - YES! They are so good, try it with peach balsamic (or whatever they are mixing). 

Try something with their homemade SHRUB, don't ask, just do it!

We enjoyed their Citrus Vodka, Rum, and the Aged Applejack is definitely worth a try!

Bottom Line...

I would definitely come back here for a cocktail or a distillery tour. Love the cocktails, relaxed atmosphere, and VERY friendly staff! 

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