Red Carpet Movie Premier - How You Can Mingle Along the Stars Using Points and Not Money or Fame

Don't believe that you can do it too? Think you're just an average Joe, and CAN'T!? 

Think again. 

We also are nothing special in LA (not that we are anywhere else by that matter) but there's a way you can have a night of red carpet glitz and after party glam without breaking the bank. It's less cheesy than that sounds, we promise! 

Plus, give yourself a break, you've earned it. 

Ok ok.. 

How to get your own Experience?

By bidding on Experiences using your Credit Card or Airline Reward points!

You must have a reward account with Hilton, United, Delta, Fed-Ex (for you small business folks), or Chase with at least 35,000 reward points/miles. Preferably 50-200,000 (depending on the event). By Signing up with either credit card, you can earn 50,000 points as a sign up bonus, from there just travel that airline and use the credit card to grow your points. 

Read more about credit card rewards here.

Log into your Rewards account and look for ways to use your points, look for Experiences and take a look at what's available for bidding. Here's what you might find:

  • Movie/Music Awards: Grammy's, MTV Movie Awards (Corey has done this!)
  • Movie Premiers: Joy VIP Red Carpet (we bid but didn't win), Why Him? Red Carpet and after party (we did this!)
  • Broadway Shows: Best seating and meeting the artists
  • Sports Events: Super Bowl, Daytona 500 Tickets & Victory Lane, Kobalt 400 in LV
  • Foodie Events: Dinner for Two and demonstration by famous chef
  • Festivals: Meadows Festival in NYC (Corey has done this!)
MTV Movie Awards "Blue Carpet" experience with delta

MTV Movie Awards "Blue Carpet" experience with delta

These are just a sample of what we've seen, they are constantly changing and being won so keep a close eye! 

Why are these special?

Some of these events you can NOT buy tickets to and some come with access that you just can't buy (at least the average Joes that we are). 

Things to Consider When Bidding

  • Red Carpet - access to red carpet for award shows and movie premiers is key! Dress up like a celebrity and feel like a star. 
  • Exclusive Access - look for special access, something that isn't available to the public.
  • Food, Drink, & Accommodation - for obvious reasons. 
  • After Party - Could be more star filled than the red carpet - this is SO exclusive you might rub shoulders with the stars. Usually includes food and drinks! 
  • Meet the artist  - no explanation needed!
  • Location - Keep in mind your flight and accommodation costs that are not covered.


Experience Survival Tips


Dress to Impress

Remember - this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME chance to strut your stuff on a Runway (or the like). So why not pretend everyone's asking "Who are you wearing?". 

For the ladies and if you don't want to break the bank on a fancy dress, rent one! Try Rent the Runway, that's where Polina's dress is from! For $100 I was able to rent this dress and even try on some other styles at the Chicago shop with a personal stylist. Great for any and all occasions.

Thanks Rent the Runway for adding some Fabulousity to our VIP Experience!

Stay Incognito

Don't act like it's your first time on the run with countless selfies, blend in! We stayed at the end of the red carpet and quietly watched as the stars gathered, took photos, and did interviews. 

Arrive on Time!

Don't be fashionably late for not your premier. Get there early, find your meeting spot and listen to instructions on proper VIP behavior.

We arrived early enough to grab a glass of Prosecco at a nearby pizza place. Definitely fanciest people inside! 


**We have no affiliation with any of companies mentioned**

We hope this inspired you to get an experience of your own. 

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