Hing Kee & Joy Yee are Chinatown Must Haves!

We wanted to share a quick snippet of our fave little stop in Chinatown - Hing Kee restaurant. It's located inside Chinatown square across from Joy Yee Noodle. 

We love this place for one reason and one reason only - the Pork Soup Dumplings!! These tender steamed buns are filled with a pork concoction that is sure to send you begging for more.

You know these are fresh because a lady stands by the window hand making each little bun to order, they are then steamed inside these beautiful bins and served with a ginger/soy dressing. 

I have taken so many Chicago visitors to this place and all I hear is how much they miss these dumplings. 

If you're still up for a fresh treat, step in (or out in the summer) for a Joy Yee Noodle Smoothie! These smoothies are packed with fresh fruit and your choice of boba or tapioca - YUM!!!


I would love to know what your MUST GO and HAVE places are in Chicago's Chinatown! So Comment below and maybe I can add them to the list. Plus, I can't say no to trying something delicious!!