Over Thanksgiving 2015, Corey & I decided to embark on a volunteer adventure..to Ghana! Now let me give you some background. Corey has embarked on more than a few of these volunteer adventures which have inspired me to travel a bit different. We were not afraid to try something a bit off the beaten path, a place where we probably wouldn't consider otherwise as a travel destination. We know the disparity all over Africa and luckily Globe Aware had a program in Ghana which seemed like the right program for us to give  and travel to. 

First off I'd like to thank those that donated money and attended my fundraising event - with your support, we made this happen! Thank you for taking the moment out of your life to donate, your small sacrifice will mean an education to one or many of these children in Ghana. 

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2 Rollers, 2 Brushes, 2 coats later...

School number one SHINES!

AFTER! This schools turned out beautiful - kids & the teachers loved it! Take note - we painted inside AND out! More to come on the inside.. 

Now you're probably wondering about the food.. Not to worry, we did not go hungry (or thirsty) as you can see ! We were fed plentiful (light or dark), and had a chance to grab a local brew almost on the daily


On Day 3 we began painting murals on the inside of the schools. It took some creativity but everyone did their part and contributed awesomely!  

A few of the small rock drawings painted with a piece of grass and paint from the school walls!

A few of the small rock drawings painted with a piece of grass and paint from the school walls!

If you haven't been surrounded by an entire classroom (40 kids!) at once, things could get really rowdy! Lucky enough I thought of a quiet activity - painting on rocks while the kids watched.. it was the quietest time and interesting how hypnotized they were. The quiet didn't last long, the requests started coming in - "Elephant!", "Monkey!", "House", "Butterfly"! 

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